Pamela McCown

For further information, refer to the Toastmasters International publication:

Running for International Director: A Campaign Handbook for International Director Candidates
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Responsibilities At-a-Glance

1. Role of International Director
2. Eligibility

To be eligible to become a candidate for the office of International Director, the candidate must meet certain eligibility requirements. 

Active member of a Club in good standing, in the District that nominated the candidate, during the 12-month period immediately preceding the nomination at the Regional Conference or International Convention.

Active member in a Club at the time of election and through the term of office.

At the time of the election, have served a full term as District Governor, or have served as Chairman or Chief Officer of a non-District administrative unit during the entire administrative year immediately before the unit became a District or provisional District, or have served as such Officer and District Governor during the entire administrative year in which the unit became a District or provisional district.

Candidates may NOT appear on the International Convention program the year prior to the election.

Note: All convention participants are asked to sign a statement indicating they will not run for office the year immediately following their presentation.

3. Human, Financial and Physical Resource Responsibilities
4. Legal and Policy-Making Responsibilities
5. Planning and Evaluation Responsibilities
6. Public Relations Responsibiltites