Pamela McCown

Pamela McCown, DTM, PDG
Toastmasters International
2009-2011 International Director Candidate from Region III.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Why do you want to serve as International Director from Region III?

What are your qualifications?

What do you hope to add to the board?

Enthusiasm, strategic thinking, and dedication to help the board reach its objectives by being supportive and working within the framework that has been established.

Board members are assigned to work as a member of one of three committees: (1) the Governance and Policy (GAP), (2) the Marketing and Education (MAE), or (3) the District Administration (DA). I have skills and interests that would be useful on any of the committees. No matter what committee I serve, I will work to create the best possible solutions to the agenda items put before me and present them from a global perspective without bias towards my home district or region - always looking for the solutions that benefit the entire organization and its members.

Strategic Operations and Planning Experience:

Risk Management - $1.4 billion Global Leasing Portfolio - Payroll manager and Assistant Vice President in charge of closing out a portfolio of large equipment leases managed through a subsidiary of JPMorgan Chase Bank.

Co-Chair of JPMorgan Chase Bank Women’s Interactive Networking group ( WIN ) - an employee networking group with the following objectives: