Pamela McCown

Distinguished Toastmaster

Pamela McCown

International Director
Toastmasters International
Board of Directors

What Others Say About Pamela

Lark Doley, DTM
2003-2005 International Director from Region III

During my term as International Director from Region III, Pamela McCown entered district leadership as an innovative, enthusiastic leader with a true servant's heart. I worked with her as she moved from President's Distinguished Division Governor through the Lt. Governor and District Governor ranks. Pam's personal compass points to integrity, dedication, service to the member, and respect for the individual. Pam has the ability to recognize the talents of others and encourage them to take on roles that build on their talents. I wholeheartedly support Pam's decision to run for International Director.

At the November 8, 2008 District 56 District Council business meeting, the district council voted by unanimous vote to support Distinguished Toastmaster, Pamela McCown as Candidate for International Director from Region III.

District Governor & Lt. Governor Endorsements

Eddie Merla, DTM
2008-2009 District 56 District Governor

District 56 is proud to support Pamela McCown as our candidate for International Director from Region III. Pamela has demonstrated great passion, commitment, and courage in leading our district during difficult times. As a leader, she serves Toastmasters exceedingly well by consistently demonstrating her integrity, her love of people and her enthusiasm for the core values of Toastmasters International. 

Pamela has shown great leadership in our district and we are confident that she will make an equal or greater contribution to the success of Toastmasters International as a member of the Board of Directors.
Charlie Pitts, DTM
2008-2009 District 56
Lt. Governor
Education and Training

Pamela McCown has a heart for Toastmasters. She truly cares about membership retention and club expansion. In her years as district officer and as Immediate Past District Governor, she has worked tirelessly with the marketing teams to expand the network of clubs in our district.  Pamela has even shared  club leads across district lines in Region III by forwarding leads to other districts that could benefit from corporate clubs chartered locally with offices in other parts of the Region.

She is an inspiration to all in her circle of influence and will serve the interests of all Toastmasters as a member of the Board of Directors.
Janice Poscovsky, DTM
2008-2009 District 56
Lt. Governor

Pamela has a talent for gathering  and sharing information. She has built a library of data about clubs and members that provides helpful information and insight into the workings of our District. As the current Quality Club Assistance Chair for District 56, she is able to assist our trio by monitoring the health of our clubs and suggesting solutions that utilize the facts she has gathered.

Pamela is a wonderful resource of intelligence and information. Her ideas and enthusiasm for members, along with her ability to gather and report data are qualities that will be beneficial to the Board of Directors of Toastmasters International.

Bill Swetmon, President and CEO

Pamela McCown has many qualities that qualify her for International Director for Toastmasters International. Pam has a natural leadership ability that is obvious in the way she inspires people around her. She is an encourager who sees the best qualities in others and has the uncanny ability to know how to use the gifts and talents of those she leads. When Pam takes on a project, she sees it through to completion with attention to every detail without micromanaging those who assist her. She also has a wonderful sense of humor that is used often to lighten the environment and relax others in what otherwise might be a tense situation. Pam has demonstrated her outstanding leadership ability in her excellent work with JPMorgan Chase Bank as well as the many projects she has undertaken with Toastmasters and Region III. Her communication skills and public speaking ability have opened many doors of leadership opportunities, every one of which Pam has performed with amazing results.

Valerie Prater, Vice President, JPMorgan Chase Bank, National Sales Training
"Committed to Your Success"

I  have known Pam McCown for 14 years.  We were on the same work team and worked closely together.  Over this past 14 years, I have watched Pam grow professionally and personally.  Two words that come to mind when I think of Pam are "Just Wait" - Now that might sound odd but over the years as I have watched Pam set her sights on something, I think "Just Wait" and then before I  know it - I will read, or hear, or better yet get a call from Pam telling me she had achieved that accomplishment.  From moving up the corporate ladder in the Chase Bank organization, to starting a new Toastmasters club at Chase, to participating in a marathon, and moving up in the Toastmasters organization.....the list goes on and on.  It used to amaze me but not anymore.  Anything she has put her mind to....she achieves.  So, if Toastmasters International wants to elect someone that WILL get the job done.....Elect Pam and "Just Wait!"