Pamela McCown

Distinguished Toastmaster

Pamela McCown

International Director
Toastmasters International
Board of Directors

About Pamela

Pamela McCown, DTM
International Director, 2009-2011

Job title /Occupation: Assistant Vice President / Banking Officer (30 yrs. / retired)

Employer name and city: JPMorgan Chase Bank, Houston, TX.

Current clubs’ names and numbers (list “main” club first):

Home Club:  Charter member of Firm Speakers Toastmasters Club #2521/56
Advanced Club:  Dining Out Toastmasters Club #9951 / 56 - An Advanced Leadership Club featuring district officers and DTMs. This club showcases the BEST of Toastmasters to inspire members to go beyond their home Club and volunteer for district service.

What speech topics are you prepared to present to a Toastmasters audience?

Success Through Mentoring                                                                      
Marketing Toastmasters - Identifying New Club Opportunities
Member Retention and Rebuilding Low Member Clubs
Benefits of the Distinguished Toastmaster Certification - Pam's 5 STEPS to DTM
Communicating on the Telephone  - Some things don't belong in an email!

What speech topics are you prepared to present to a non-Toastmasters audience?

Effective Communication - Communicating for Results
Evaluation Techniques
Communicating on the Telephone - Telephone Etiquette
Building a Strong Resume - Promote Yourself

When and why did you join Toastmasters?

Joined Toastmasters in October 2001 when a corporate diversity mentoring group decided to work on communication and leadership skills to achieve mentoring program goals. 
A group of 16 mentors and 16 protégés formed a Toastmasters club at the downtown Houston JPMorgan Chase Bank. Three other corporate JPMorgan Chase clubs were founded at locations in Houston by me and other charter leaders of this club. 

What made you remain a member and take on leadership positions?
"I enjoy creating opportunities for others to accept leadership roles and build leadership skills."  ~Pamela McCown

Pamela  joined Toastmasters to enhance leadership skills; remained a Toastmaster to gain experience at all levels of leadership. Director McCown served as a club officer, division governor, lt. governor marketing, lt. governor education, and district governor. While serving as the Region III Host District Regional Conference Chair, Pamela assisted with District Officer training and was a co-presenter with Past International President, Chris Ford. 

What are your  interests and/or hobbies?

Interests and hobbies include: Creating bead jewelry, public speaking; strength training, running, singing, leadership mentoring, school career day events, Junior Achievement school presentations, and judging oratorical contests.

What are your  notable accomplishments (personally and professionally)?

Personally: Houston Marathon Runner - Completed 2 marathons (after the age of 40);  

Married for 36 years; Retired at age 51 from a 30 year career in the banking industry to become a full-time volunteer leader for Toastmasters International

Professionally: Co-Chair of Women's Interactive Networking group-an initiative to retain top talent through an executive mentoring program and promotion of women's client events; Corporate Diversity Mentoring Program protégé and mentor.

How has your Toastmasters experience benefited you (personally and/or professionally)? 

Toastmasters has benefited me personally by giving me the opportunity to align my uniqueness with my life purpose. My 30 year corporate career prepared me for volunteer leadership service. I am now a full-time Toastmasters volunteer and mentor others to become better leaders and communicators through the Toastmasters educational programs. I promote Toastmasters everywhere I go and proudly wear my Toastmasters pins and badges even when I'm not at a Toastmasters event.

Family  Information:
Spouse:              Gary Edward McCown
Children:           no children; Married since October, 1973.

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