Pamela McCown

Distinguished Toastmaster
 Pamela McCown

Elected August 14, 2009 
to serve a two-year term as a Director on the
Toastmasters International
Board of Directors

As Your International Director, I promise to deliver enthusiasm, strategic thinking and dedication to help the board reach its objectives; to bring a global perspective and serve as a working ambassador for all Toastmasters while upholding  the core values of the organization and protecting our brand. 


Welcome to Pamela McCown's
world on the web.

This space is dedicated to inspiring others by sharing ideas and experiences with fellow Toastmasters and friends around the globe.

 "Inspiration is where you find it." ~Pamela McCown

"It takes courage to show your dreams to someone else." ~Erma Bombeck

Toastmasters: Confidence. Leadership. Service.

In the September 2009 issue of the Toastmasters magazine, the Toastmasters International President, Gary Schmidt, explained his Presidential Theme for 2009-2010. After hearing Gary's speech at the President's Dinner Dance on August 15, 2009, during the Toastmasters International convention, and after reading the article in the Toastmasters magazine, I began to ponder what these words mean to me.  


We were all born to fulfill some purpose during our lifetime.
It takes confidence to stand in front of an audience and deliver a message that will inspire, persuade, and call people to take action.  The Toastmasters educational programs have given voice to many messages. Speaking in front of Toastmasters groups at club, area, division, district, region and International levels has given me the confidence to share my life experiences to help others find the confidence to set and achieve higher goals.


Leadership is influence, pure and simple. Leaders are not always the people with the official title. You are a leader where you stand.  Each person has the opportunity to influence others by sharing thoughts, setting examples, and learning from experiences. My father always encouraged us to be whatever we wanted to be and told us "Whatever you a good one."  No matter what the task, give it your best, encourage others to be their best, and you will be seen as a leader.  People will follow your example and look to you as the benchmark for excellence. Realize that no matter who you are or where you stand, you have the ability to do your best and be your best. "Whatever you a good one!"


Once your uniqueness meets your purpose through confidence and leadership, then you have a responsibility to serve others. Your ability to serve others increases exponentially the more you serve others.  In the same way that speaking before an audience builds confidence, leadership builds opportunities for service. 

Since becoming a Toastmaster, Pamela's focus has been on serving others. The leadership track provided opportunities to learn and grow while also becoming a better communicator. The first leadership roles were serving in her home club. Soon, Pamela ventured outside the club to district service and began to attend the International Conventions. She has attended each Toastmasters International convention since becoming a Toastmaster.

Over the past decade of Toastmasters leadership, Pamela has watched and learned from leaders at all levels of the Toastmasters International organization. Pamela McCown is dedicated to serving this organization in reaching its Big Audacious Goal of becoming recognized throughout the world as the undisputed expert in communication and leadership skills development. 

"There's No Place Like Toastmasters! All Roads Lead To Success!!"
Distinguished Toastmaster, Pamela McCown
International Director 2009-2011